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Thank you Dr. McClurken

Filed under: Uncategorized April 24, 2008 @ 3:13 pm

Considering the nature of this class, I have always wondered whether Dr. McClurken enjoyed pain or was just crazy.  In either case, I think each and every one of us in this class owes him a great deal of gratitude in his quest and the realization of  bringing Digital History to UMW.  Besides if it were not for his efforts, we wouldn’t have anything to complain about.  No really, I think that the complaints I hear are a result of each and every one of us being challenged in some way.  I wish my experiences in this class were different, but it was not a reflection of Dr. McClurken’s efforts.  I have been given an opportunity to consider history in an entirely different way, and it is my goal to pursue this avenue further.   Thank you Dr. McClurken!

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