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JMP Update for Week Beginning 03/31/08

Filed under: 471C3 March 31, 2008 @ 12:40 pm

Well we are in the homestretch.  The official website has all of the components that were provided by Dr. Preston.  There are some bios that were not received, which are noted on the JMPW work breakdown.  Other than some minor adjusting, this website is complete.    I need to confirm the availability of our group, but it looks as though Dr. Preston is available to meet with us on Wednesday at 4 p.m.   He will review the official website and offer us his expertise in regard to the transcription and presentation of the Ministry of France dispatch images.

I have forwarded images to Talya for the slideshow, but I still have a number of images outstanding.  I am still waiting for an image of Monroe’s desk that will be provided by the JM Museum and the music that will be used with the slideshow.

I have already transcribed Dispatch No. 1 (17 images), which amounted to five and a half pages (single spaced). 

I’ve got several pages of the JM Ministry of France index on google docs.  I should have this completed this week.

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