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JMP Spring Update

Filed under: 471C3,James Monroe Papers March 21, 2008 @ 5:27 am

Well it is finally Spring and Easter is this weekend, where has the time gone…  We only have several weeks left in this semester, and there is still a great deal of work to do.

The official JMP Website is nearly there.  Outstanding items are:

  • Three booklets listed under Recommended Reading move to Publication section.
  • I have to submit Bibliography, which is based upon Prof. Preston’s list, to Kelly
  • Need to clean up some images in Photo shop, which are to be used on the Biography and Contact pages.

The second website is starting to take form.  Talya has got the skeleton up and presented a multi-media slideshow (not sure if this is correct terminology) using a number of photos I provided and set it to music.  I have a number of other images that need to be cleaned up in photoshop.  I have images of envelopes addressed to James Monroe that address him by different titles (governor, president, etc.) that can be used within the slideshow to accentuate the chronology.  I am also looking into the use of the Music of Monroe’s Era for this slideshow.

According to Kelly’s blog, the scanning is now complete.  I will be going in today and will index the images on the film.  I will also batch about a quarter of the scans to convert from tiff to jpeg in photoshop.  If all goes well, Talya will have her first batch to drop into Omeka next Tuesday.

On behalf of the group, I scheduled a meeting with Prof. Preston on Wednesday, March 26th at 4 p.m.  We will be presenting the official website to him for his review.  Prof. Preston will also provide his expertise to the group on the subject of transcription and will offer suggestions on formatting and presentation of the Monroe scans to the public.  Each member of the group will take one letter and transcribe it to the standard set by Prof. Preston.  I am hoping to have a parchment background for these transcriptions. 

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