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Update to James Monroe Project for Week of 3/03/08

Filed under: 471C3,James Monroe Papers March 3, 2008 @ 7:20 am

Well…since my last post the group met with Dr. Stanton for a tutorial in scanning.  I’ve scanned both for the park service (from hardcopy) and for the library (from microfilm), but the machine at UMW is far superior.  The microfilm covering the period of time that Monroe served as minister of France has over 400 images, which divides to just over a 100 pages per person.  Considering how quick the scanner works, it should not take l0ng for each member of the group to complete the pages allotted to them.  All images will be temporarily stored to the hard drive until another location has been approved for storage.

We had our long presentation on Thursday, and I feel that we haven’t progressed as quickly as the other groups.  The official website, JMPW, has been taken as far as we can at this time, but it is not complete.  Prof. Preston has a number of items that are still outstanding.  We have committed to having the JMPW up and running by March 18th.

This week I have forwarded Kelly the two outstanding links and an updated image for the Illustrated History.  My objective is to have all “Related Publications” and “Bibliography” items identified on JMPW work breakdown resolved  and forwarded to Kelly by next week.  This should leave only the portraits and bios outstanding.  I also requested additional images from Prof. Preston to enhance the appearance of his website.  He is going to review his holdings and then forward them; a number of them will have to be cleaned up or modified in Photoshop before they can used.  I think that it is still feasible for the group to make the March 18th deadline.

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